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Launtel is a telco who prides itself on our collaborative relationships with our small and medium business customers.

We've been so focused on delivering solutions for customers, that we haven't spent enough time on this website...until now!

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Questions about how to transition your business to the NBN?

Unfortunately without proper planning, transitioning to the NBN can be a nightmare including downtime. It is important to prepare.

NBN Transition

NBN transition for Tasmanians, with service from Tasmanians


1800 and 1300 Numbers

1800 and 1300 numbers are 10 digit numbers that start with an 1800 or 1300 prefix.


Business Mobiles & Lines

Launtel can manage any size mobile fleet, saving you time and paperwork.


VOIP Phone Lines

VoIP is a simple, yet very cost effective, way of operating a telephone system.


Office Relocations

Moving your business next door or across the state? We can help!


Friendly Tech Advice

Need some good old fashioned telecommunications advice? Talk with us!


We’re a local business like you. We actually care about your success, your budget and your needs. We believe in shaking your hand and meeting you face to face when we introduce our business to you.

We’re committed to offering high value, quality products and solutions, that will help you grow and backup service that will ensure you never feel anxious about downtime.

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